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Saint GRATIEN 95210

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ERECA Company is a French designer and manufacturer of products and systems for signal transmission over optical fiber. From 1992 ERECA has offered a product range to transmit multiple signals by TDM and Wavelength multiplexing for broadcast. Our product range addresses live production, studio environments and long distance transmission. Customers include telco operators, TV channels, infrastructure, OB vans builders and users. In 2014 we created the now well-known STAGE RACER, ultimate audio, data and video stage box solution. This year ERECA is proud to introduce the STAGE RACER 2 concept with remote production capacity, networking and even more varied transmitted signals than the legacy Stage Racer. For 4K/8K Multicam shootings, the successful CAM RACER dockable camera transmission unit, including all the commodities signals, will also be part of the show. Feel free to stop by for a short and complete STAGE RACER 2 presentation.
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