Kino Flo/Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

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Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd
3 Barretts Green Road
Park Royal
London NW10 7AE
United Kingdom

P: 020 8955 6700
F: 020 8961 9343

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About Kino Flo/Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

Kino Flo's LED lighting evolution takes several steps forward with new FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 modular systems. The versatile FreeStyle systems feature tunable color temperatures from 2,500K to 9,900K, green/magenta, preset cinema gels, dial-in 360° colors, and an RBG menu. The Freestyle's durable, lightweight LED panels can be removed easily for use as practical lighting, set designs and in tight quarters. The new Celeb 850 stage lighting fixture joins our family of Celeb 250 and Celeb 450 LED fixtures for studio and location. Celebs come with advanced firmware and interface designs similar to our FreeStyle, Select, and Diva-Lite LED's- Kino Flo also recently added SnapBag and SnapGrid softbox accessories to all location and studio LED's, and has teamed with Block Battery® to introduce a line of 28VDC and 14VDC NMHi travel friendly battery systems for lighting off the grid. Cirro Lite is the western European Distributors for Kino Flo.
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