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About Applicaster

Applicaster’s innovative SaaS platform provides premium apps and solutions for cross-screen media experiences, empowering world-leading broadcasters, media companies and publishers. They deliver a variety of viewer experiences, from VOD on mobile to a multichannel app with live streams, show sections and interactivity. Applicaster revolutionises the way apps are built, offering the fastest way to extend the reach of content and engagement. Zapp, a unique app-building platform, delivers beautiful apps for every kind of audience and business model, all based on a common core SDK. Applicaster-powered apps are available on smart devices, such as iOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku, Android TV, and more. The platform and SDK are modular and compatible with a wide range of third party systems, allowing for endless collaborative efforts and creative solutions.
Product Categories (5)
  • Acquisition & Production > Software tools
  • Consumption > Consumer > second screen apps
  • Playout > Distribution > video on demand servers and systems
  • Services > Managed Services > second screen solutions
  • Services > Managed Services > software as a service