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About Image Matters

Image Matters provides unique FPGA video processing modules to accelerate image transcoding and save time in (post) production, distribution and archiving. Image Matters advanced video boards manipulate multiple video codecs as JPEG2000, TICO, HEVC and MPEG to provide the highest image quality. Ready for high frame rate, high dynamic range, wide colour gamut and stereoscopic-3D, image matters powerful cost-effective new PCB delivers superior quality and affordable high-end image processing for OEMs. Image Matters is the founder of the origami™ Ecosystem, a unique marketplace for hardware product range and pre-validated IP-Cores from many world-class collaborating vendors. New and customised products have never been easier to create for multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K products. For more information on Image Matters, the origami™ ecosystem and its products, go to our website.
Product Categories (5)
  • Content & Communications Infrastructure > Interface & Conversion > modular systems
  • Playout > Distribution > encoding and compression
  • Post Production > Editing & Processing > hardware accelerators and I/O boards
  • Storage > Tapeless Storage > video servers (realtime encoding/decoding) production
  • Storage > Tapeless Storage > video servers (realtime encoding/decoding) transmission